Our Mission

To empower young girls, especially girls of color through a motivational comic book and workshop series, and lifestyle brand that will ensure positive representation and bolster their self confidence!

Our Vision

Our vision is to bolster the self confidence and self image of each and every girl. Targeting girls of color, ages 6-14, we will inspire them through positive media representation and outlets so they will grow up to be leaders, community changers, business owners, college graduates and emotionally/socially secure women!

Our Impact

#ThePrimplifePlan is inspired by the desire to want to see girls from an under-resourced community, like myself (Jasmine Jones), reach their full potential and overcome adversity. #ThePrimplifePlan will seek to put positive images in a forgotten community. The impact will allow these girls to see a positive reflection of themselves to achieve greatness. The results will allow them to replicate this in their daily lives as I know they can!

Our Opportunity

Our target customers include girls ages 6-14 from under resourced communities. The total addressable market is about 7.7 % of the US population. IBISWorld estimates that there are about 2,500 organizations in the US that provide after-school programs. There is a low-to-moderate degree of competition among after-school program providers in the United States. As the US population increases in size, so does the market for children’s book publishers and the demand for E-books.


What People Are Saying …

Ms. Jones pours into my daughter in various ways on a routine basis. But not only that she pours into other young ladies as well. She does this through her uplifting and thought provoking comic strips, social media posts, workshops, and Behind the Inspo webcast. She’s such a genuine soul that she’s adopted my daughter as a little sister of sorts. Given all of those edicts, Primplife is very serious and intentional about their mission, vision, and service. I would give them 6 stars were it possible to do so. Thank you Ms. Jones and Primplife for helping to restore my daughters smile.
Derrick, Parent

Representation is everything. Primplife is a very good organization that promotes self•esteem in young girls and women…especially of color in a positive light.

Zairean, Customer

About the Primplife Lip Gloss .. It is “Amazing” I love it because it is vegan ( plant base) and it’s smooth to the lips, relieves chapped lips and easy to apply. I recommend this Lip Gloss for those who are vegan, those who are not. Because you will be AMAZED!! It’s not only for the girls, but for the grown folks too.😊

Petula, Customer