Dr. Renita L. Webb

Position: Spokes Parent
Categories: spokes parent

Dr. Renita L. Webb is the proud and supportive mother of Reign and Rion Webb. She encourages them to achieve their ambitions while also giving them the space to be joyful and authentic little girls. She is an experienced educational leader with a demonstrated history of working in the educational management industry. She also reigned as Mrs. Black NC 2019. She is skilled in Coaching, Public Speaking, Event Production, K-12 Education, Educational Consulting, and Conflict Resolution. Her work with The Refining Life, Inc. allows her to help fulfill the mission of providing experiences for others to have their mindset shifted so that they can lead a more positive and productive life.

Get in touch: thedoc@drrenitawebb.com | www.drrenitawebb.com | facebook.com/dr.renita

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