Jamisha Swinson

Position: PR Specialist
Categories: board

Jamisha Swinson graduated from Howard Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. She is obtaining her Bachelors’s & Master’s degrees from Ashford University. Swinson is happy to assist with any operations that are included in business functions, being a huge supporter and believer in Primplife’s vision. Her position is focused on troubleshooting operations in pertinence to administrative functions. Her experiences include executive assistance and revising an amended law under the Clean Water Act of $312(f)(3) in 2018. Swinson has completed an internship at a fashion style house in Los Angeles, specifically in the fashion district named CLD PR, which assists in the sponsorship for various designers, including celebrity influence. Marketing schematics from her key work experiences have been embedded in her digital presence, and she utilizes her personable skills and well-rounded views for the progression of the team.

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