Jasmine Jones

Position: President
Categories: board

Jasmine Jones is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion and Textile Management. Jones is the Founder and President of Primplife Inc. and currently works as a Development & Operations Coordinator at NC Child. Jones mission to empower young girls is inspired by her Prudential Community Award-winning book, How To Primp Life: The Prim and Proper Guide for Young Ladies, a self-help guide for young girls that she co-authored at the age of 16. Jones will make her vision come to life to help increase the confidence of the next generation of young women through an influential character and female superheroine of color named #Primpgirl, the main character in the Primplife comic book series. As the founder, Jones implements the vision and direction of this organization. Primplife Inc. (The Primplife Plan) is her dream and commitment to helping young girls succeed and increase their confidence to contribute positive change to society.

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